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Track your pumped breast milk, stored in your fridge, freezer or deep freeze. Never wonder how much milk you have stashed again.


Simple to log and track  all the milk you have stored in each location in your home.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus -

Calculate the total amount of milk you have stored and how many days it will last.

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Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus -

Invite Caregivers to view and edit your stash when using or add milk

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Personalize your stash by setting your baby's age, milk consumption, storage location and more


What is DairyBar?

DairyBar is an app for keeping an inventory of the breastmilk you have pumped and stored. It helps calculate how much total milk you have pumped, how long it will last and approximately how long it will keep your baby fed.

What is the difference between "Best By" and "Use By" dates?

We follow the guidelines published by La Leche League, where "Best By" is when you should ideally use the milk and "Use By" would be the last day that the milk would likely be good to consume.

How do I toggle between "Best By" and Use By"?

When viewing your milk stash, simply press the words "Best By" or "Use By"in the title row and the display will change to show either the Best By or Use By date for each milk entry in your stash.

How can I invite another caregiver to access my stash?

Once you're logged into the app, you can add as many caregivers as you'd like from the "Caregivers" page found on the menu. Simply enter their name and email and they'll receive an invitation.

How can I delete milk or mark it as used?

Swipe left on the milk you would like to mark as used or delete and you will find buttons to access these functions.

What is the difference between Freezer and Deep Freeze?

Freezer is the separate freezer compartment of your kitchen refrigerator, which is typically set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Deep Freeze is a separate chest freezer that is set to -4 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. The temperature of a deep freeze is typically much lower than your fridge freezer and will keep milk from spoiling for a much longer time.


My name is Jennifer and I'm a mom of two. Originally from Toronto, I'm currently living in sunny Los Angeles


When my first kiddo was born I had a freezer full of milk and an excel file to track it all and I figured there must be a better way. I built DairyBar during naptimes and have loved the response to it from other parents.


Feel free to send me a message with a question, comment or suggestion. I'd love to hear from you! 

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